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Smooth & Silky High-Leg Panty

These seamless panties reduce any embarrassing panty lines. Also, our Smooth & Silky Seamless Full Cut Incontinence Panties have a soft and silky feel - leaving you feeling as if you aren't even wearing incontinence products.

Smooth & Silky High-Leg Panty
SKU s100
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  • Wash before wearing For full pad absorption functionality Save money!
  • Washable garments save £473 compared to disposables over one year.
  • Save the planet! Wash and wear these garments up to 200x and prevent landfill waste.
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These panties are perfect for women experiencing very light incontinence and are perfect for the active and fashion conscious. Wearever's Women's Smooth & Silky Seamless Full-Cut Incontinence Panties are made of a nylon/spandex microfiber knit. Similar to other styles, these panties have Agion antimicrobial fibers, which reduce the bacteria that cause odor and include a sewn-in lightly absorbent Unique-DriTM pad which traps liquid for all-day built-in protection. These panties have a classic French Cut styling, with no visible seams for a sleek silhouette. These panties are easy to care for and are an economical option, as they last up to 250 washes.