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Safe, physiological, noninvasive, and powerful tool now available to men around the world to improve and restore their erectile health and sexual response.

The physiological alternative to drugs, injections and surgery for ED - and the ideal compliment to regular mechanical rehabilitation by SOMAerect vacuum therapy device.

  • Maintenance free, with rechargeable batteries, built to last for years with daily use.
  • Painless, gentle, pleasant experience
  • Adjustable frequency and modes for comfort and efficacy
  • Powerful settings to provoke ejaculation in men with spinal cord injury
  • Can be used on-demand before sexual activity, or daily as part of therapy as recommended by your physician

60 day Free Trial. If you are not 100% satisfied, return the device in original condition within 60 days for full money back of purchase price.


How does it work?

Penile erection is a nerve generated event coordinated by the sacral spinal cord, initiated from excitatory and sexually relevant nerve impulses from the brain and the penis that lead to a complex cascade of events that allow the penis to fill with blood.

Millions of nerve receptors (antennas) line the surface of the penis. These nerves communicate with important sexual centers in the brain and spinal cord. They play a critical role in the physiology of sexual response and urinary function.

Sexual arousal (erotic thoughts, sights, genital stimulation, etc.) lead to excitation of sacral spinal cord sexual centers. Their activation leads to a complex cascade of events which cause the penis to fill with blood. In order to achieve firmness, the blood must be prevented from leaking out of the corpora (erection chambers) of the penis.

Many important muscles are strategically located around the base of the penis, which scientists believe are greatly responsible for stabilizing the penis during rigidity phase of erection. They help squeeze the veins to prevent blood from leaving the penis; hence strengthening the rigidity and maintenance of erection.

For younger men without ED, all nerves, muscles, and vessels responsible for erection are optimized, and they effortlessly play in perfect harmony. As we get older, less healthy, depressed, over-medicated, or have interventions for cancer, then the Nerve/ Vessel/Muscle triad plays out of tune. There is less flow, less excitement, less firmness due to venous leakage, and so on.

There are numerous applications of the Viberect. It can become a powerful tool in your life in helping to improve and preserve your erectile and sexual health for years to come!

We offer a 60 day free trial. If you are not 100% satisfied with the Viberect, please ship it back within 60 days, in original condition and with all accessories. You will receive a FULL refund of the purchase price.

"Dear Reflexonic,

The new updated Viberect is fantastic. I had a robotic prostatectomy in Oct. 2007 and have tried injections, medications, acupuncture and VED to regain my erection ability. I have had more improvement in the past 4 weeks than in the previous 4 1/2 years using the Viberect 3 times a day for about 3 to 4 minutes each time. Something I have learned is that putting half of the pads on the head of the penis and half on the outer end of the shaft works better for me than only on the head. I also have quicker response on the slower speeds (2 to 3 lights) and have found that doing Kegel exercises while using the Viberect increases effect. The other great benefit for me is that the use of this device has greatly improved my stress incontinence which is why I started using it 3 times a day. I would encourage any user to be sure to understand that you need a lot of pull away from the body to stretch the penis for best effect while using the Viberect. I now have stronger impulses with an orgasm and normal size during the day which just makes me feel better and more like a man."

J Sandhu, Leicester


FDA, CE, ISO 13485:2003, CMDCAS

FDA Indications:
Class II medical device for home and clinic use to provoke penile erection in men with erectile dysfunction, and to provoke ejaculation in men with spinal cord injury (prescription use).

CE Indications:
Penile vibratory stimulation device for the treatment of erectile and ejaculatory disorders (prescription use).

Viberect is available with a prescription from a health care provider (Physician, PA, NP).

  • Developed and recommended by urologists and prostate cancer surgeons to help their patients with erectile dysfunction since 2008.
  • Can easily be combined with other modalities (Oral meds, injectables, vaccuum, and implants) to improve response in combination for men with severe erectile dysfunction.
  • Powerful settings to provoke ejaculation in men with spinal cord injury.

The Viberect is compliant with industry medical standards for electronic and plastic safety including:
ISO 10993-2, ISO 13485, ISO 17025, CMDCAS, and EN 60601-3


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