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Viberect X3
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Viberect X3

The Concept of Penile Vibratory Stimulation

Viberect_Pic1While maintaining a healthy sex life is important to many people, the ability to ejaculate is decreased after spinal cord injury. This is the primary cause of infertility in spinal cord injured men. The use of the vibration concept has proven effective in the treatment of infertility.

Designed to enable ejaculation in men with Spinal Injuries or Multiple Sclerosis. Its unique capability is that frequency and mode of vibration can be adjusted to suit the individual. Although the technique is often performed initially in a clinical setting, it can also be performed in your home.

We offer a 60 day free trial. If you are not 100% satisfied with the Viberect X3, please ship it back within 60 days, in original condition and with all accessories. You will receive a FULL refund of the purchase price.


How does it work?

To induce ejaculation by Penile Vibratory Stimulation (PVS) requires an intact ejaculatory reflex arc to provide transmission of afferent stimuli from the penis to the sacral, lumbar and lower thoracic segments of the spinal cord, and efferent stimuli from these segments to the ejaculatory organs. The above mentioned spinal cord segments will respond to PVS even when isolated from the Brain. Through scientific research it was discovered that a certain level of intensity optimized successful ejaculation in 80% of the Spinally Cord Injured men tested. Since the Viberect® has adjustable vibration levels (frequency and mode) - you can individualize the settings to give you the best results.

Bladder Management & Stress Incontinence

Recent clinical reports have demonstrated that PVS (often known as TMNS – Transcutaneous Mechanical Nerve Stimulation) can reduce urinary bladder dysfunction (detrusor hyper-reflexia), decrease intra-bladder (intra-vesical) pressure and also increase bladder capacity following TMNS and ejaculation. The reported effect on urinary bladder reflex activity may have future implications in the management of incontinence and in SCI men at risk for upper urinary tract deterioration due to high storage pressure in the filling phase.

In cases of Pelvic floor dysfunction: Stress urinary incontinence and/or detrusor irritability in both genders can be improved by regular afferent genital nerve stimulation leading to:

  • Improve urinary control and symptoms by adaptive conditioning of bladder activity, rhabdosphincter tone, and strength.
  • Improved Bulbocavernosus reflex: Strengthen pelvic floor muscles which can act as an external sphincter in cases of stress urinary incontinence.


Following ejaculation many SCI men report that their spasticity is reduced considerably. However, this is anecdotal evidence only. There are only few reports in the medical literature concerning spasticity reduction following TMNS induced ejaculation. However, still unpublished data from a study including 23 SCI men at the University of Copenhagen show a significant acute reduction of leg spasticity following TMNS and ejaculation determined by the Ashworth scale.



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